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    Digital Expressions Delivered to your door. Acrylic Cast Resin, Metallic &  Wood prints in a variety of  finishes & sizes

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About Us

The Vision


An integral part of working as a visionary digital artist is experiential--Time, place, form, color, light and shadow, even the emotion of an image, all combine to resonate with the viewer. 

The Elements


Elements are the building blocks of design. What the viewer sees and experiences when framing an image. The impact an eye-catching visual can have, reflects upon the corporation and it's culture in a collective space. Employees and clients alike crave new visuals... elements on the wall come together upon entering a space-- impression & design impose a framework within which to work & grow. 

The Insight


Let go of the old and bring in the new...Artistic Elements created by Amy

A renewable form of Art. Create your personal or corporate gallery. Changeable by day, week or month-- to suit the palate of global thinkers and dreamers. Art transforms space. Manage your walls, visuals to suit the season, the mood, the client. Transform your space. Art on Metal, Cast Resin or Wood--self hanging, easy, lightweight, hangable,moveable, changeable. 


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